Step-by-Step Guide to FLO by Polygen

How to take part in FLO by Polygen.

Step 1: Click Fund on the top bar of the DApp and this will redirect you to the ‘Fund a Project’ page.

Step 2: Pick your desired Project and click Fund beneath its logo. This will redirect you to the Projects ‘Project Description’ page.

Step 3: On the right side of the page beneath ‘Swap’ enter the amount of USDC you want to swap for rPGEN, then click Swap

Step 4: Our software will come up with an automated message which says “Your seed exceeds your approved allowance for USDC”, IGNORE this message and click Approve

Step 5: You will then be redirected to Metamask’s page and you will need to grant us permission to access your USDC, click Confirm

Step 6: You then need to confirm the amount of USDC you are swapping for rPGEN. Check the ‘price and minimum received’ section and then click Confirm Swap

Step 7: You will be redirected to Metamasks page again where you need to confirm the total amount plus the gas fee, click Confirm

Step 8: You will then need to confirm swap, and click Ok - This is the final step for Fund.

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