Polygen Fixed Raise FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Polygen Fixed Raise.

How is Polygen Fixed Raise different from Polygen’s FLO?

During a FLO the price of the raiseToken starts at a high price and decays over time. In Polygen’s Fixed Price– the price of raiseToken remains the same.

What variables can a project choose and how will it affect me?

  • KYC Whitelist PGEN holder (optional to gate the raise only for PGEN holders with certain amount - this is separate from tiers)

  • raiseToken (rTKN) variables (name, symbol, total supply, price)

  • Raise Target (determines the success or failure of the raise)

  • Individual Max Purchase Amount (max purchase amount per wallet)

Is there a Whitelist?

It is optional for projects to choose and gate their raises with a whitelist, If not selected, anyone can take part and there is no minimum buy-in. If selected then only those wallet addresses that are whitelisted can take part.

Really, anyone can take part? If the sale is public, then anyone can take part in Polygen’s Fixed Price.

What is the individual max purchase amount?

It is the ‘individual purchase limit’ we set for users, the maximum amount of tokens they can buy during a raise. This protects against whales swooping in and buying up the lot.

What is a raiseToken?

raiseToken is an event-based token we use for raises. Instead of buying and selling project tokens, users instead buy and sell raiseToken and then can redeem them for the actual tokens.

How do I work out the amount of tokens I will get?

Each raise token is equal to one project token: 1:1

How do I take part in a fixed raise?

Please see the full user guide here

Do I need to KYC?

Only if KYC is required for the raise you would need to complete your KYC.

How do I get USDC ( Polygon)?

You can buy USDC (Polygon) directly from exchanges and DEXes and payment gateways including; Binance, OKX & Moonpay.

Make sure to set up Polygon Network in your MetaMask first!

Do I need MATIC too?

Yes, make sure to have enough MATIC to cover transaction fees as every transaction is on chain.

Where can I get support about Polygen’s Fixed Price ?

Head to our multilingual support desk in Discord.

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