Polygen Launchpad

How to add Polygon (MATIC) Network to MetaMask?

Once you have downloaded the MetaMask wallet and logged in (please see the steps to do so in the previous FAQ), you need to connect to the Polygon (Matic Network) to interact with Polygen.
Psst: Don’t worry it’s super easy to do!
The default network on MetaMask is the Ethereum Main-net. Now let's manually add Polygon to the list.
Step 1: In Metamask, click on Networks, select ‘Custom RPC’ and you should see this menu pop up:
Step 2: Enter the following information in the fields:
Network Name: Polygon Mainnet
New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com
Chain ID: 137
Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.matic.network
Step 3: Once you are done, hit save and you are good to go!