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Ambassador Tasks

Read below to understand what tasks you need to do to win rewards - and where to upload your work.
Below are the tasks that Ambassadors can currently complete:
Join the Quest board to start completing tasks.
Polygen Top Ambassadors
1 Top Polygen ambassador selected per 3 months. This ambassador has been pushing Polygen in all the right places, gotten the most engagement and brought more users to our channels.
1000USD in PGEN
Polygen Top Mods
3 Polygen Ambassadors selected as the best MODERATORS of their Polygen community channels.
This includes; Discord, Telegram, Twitter.
-1st 500 USD in PGEN
-2nd 200 USD in PGEN
-3rd 100 USD in PGEN
Polygen Regional Manager
Grow a social media channel in a different region/ language and we will reward you for your efforts when it reaches 5000 people.
-$1000 in PGEN for first 5000 users
-$250 in PGEN for each following 5000 users.
Polygen Meetup Pro
Host a meetup with at least 15 attendees.
This can be virtual or in-person and Polygen should be notified of the event prior to it.
You will be rewarded based on the amount of attendees you bring in.
You must video/record the event and send a link to [email protected] & add to the quest in Crew 3.
-15 - 25 attendees: $200 PGEN
-25-50 attendees
$350 PGEN
-50-75 attendees $500 PGEN
-75-100 attendees $600 PGEN
-100+ attendees $800 PGEN
Make a Video
Create a video about the Polygen product and what you like about it- 30secs- 1 minute long.
Channel must have at least 2000 followers/ subscribers to be eligible [see t&c's ]
$100 in PGEN