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Everything you need to know about Polygen Tiers.

The Polygen Tiers aims to reward loyal $PGEN holders who see the bigger picture for the Polygen platform. Depending on how much $PGEN you wish to stake, you will have an assigned tier. Depending on which tier you are part of, you will receive unique perks and exclusive access.

Unique perks? Yes, perks! Tiers will be directly connected to raises, giving perks to tier holders such as discounted pricing and increased maximum purchase amounts.

Exclusive access? Yes, as projects organize private raises on Polygen, we are pushing them to integrate the Polygen Tiers into their raises.

As it grows and evolves, the $PGEN becomes more powerful to those who understand what it means to hold. The Polygen Tiers rewards $PGEN holders for their loyalty by giving them tiers depending on how much they have staked.

What are the perks of joining the Polygen Tiers?

Joining the Polygen Tiers doesn't just increase your status in the Discord, it also leads to a bunch of perks for future investment opportunities. The perks of being a part of the Polygen Tiers directly benefit members during raises on Polygen.

Since Polygen has various forms of raise types we'll dive into the raise types and what it means for members of the Polygen Tiers!

Polygen Fixed Price

When a project decides to use the Polygen Fixed Price raise type, they are selling their project tokens at a fixed price and quantity. (Read more about Polygen Fixed Price here)

Since Polygen is striving to create a fair raise process for investors, we require that all fixed price raises have a limited purchase amount on tokens. In the case of Polygen Tiers their maximum purchase amount increases.

FLO powered by Polygen

Not all projects have a predetermined token price; sometimes, projects want the market to discover the token's price organically. If that is the case, the project will choose FLO powered by Poylgen as their raise type.

Our signature raise type uses a dutch auction-like pricing mechanism; however, the price is not continuously sloping downwards; it increases in price as the demand for the token increases.

What does this mean for members of the Polygen Tiers? Well, we've created a percentile discount model in which the purchase price is discounted for each tier member.

Private Raise Rounds

Projects often want to collaborate with launchpads to do private rounds, commonly using a whitelist. We want to create a community of trusted investors from the Polygen Tiers and encourage projects to offer it to the Polygen Tiers in their private rounds.

However, we want to work our way away from the Whitelist model. Therefore, when the opportunity arises, each tier, from highest ranked to lowest ranked, will be allowed to enter the private round, with the highest-ranked having priority over lowered-tiered members.

We can not guarantee that all private rounds will be for the Polygen Tiers, but we will strive to bring the Polygen Tiers into Private rounds.

What are our Tiers?

Tier 1 - Megagen: Stake 20k $PGEN

✔️ Polygen Fixed Price: 1.5x Multiplier on Max Purchase Amount

✔️ FLO powered by Polygen: 5% discount on raiseToken price

⏱️ Activation period: Need to stake 50 days*

Tier 2 - Gigagen: 40k $PGEN

✔️ Polygen Fixed Price: 2.5x multiplier on Max Purchase Amount

✔️ FLO powered by Polygen: 10% discount on raiseToken price

⏱️ Activation period: 30 days*

Tier3 - Teragen: 80k $PGEN

✔️ Polygen Fixed Price: 5.5x multiplier on Max Purchase Amount

✔️ FLO powered by Polygen: 20% discount on raiseToken price

⏱️ Activation period: 15 days*

* Activation period is the time that you must have your $PGEN staked uninterrupted. Your $PGEN is not locked in for that period and you can pull your $PGEN out if you wish.

Step 1: Install Metamask and connect to the MATIC network.

Step 2: Transfer PGEN tokens and Matic (Polygon) tokens to the wallet intended to be linked to tiers.

Step 3: Go to the Polygen Tier landing page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Join a tier now”.

Step 4: Choose the membership Tier you desire and allocate the necessary PGEN to meet the requirement.

Step 5: Click “Connect wallet”.

Step 6: Approve transaction.

Step 7: Polygen will automatically connect to your selected tier depending on the desire allocation.

Step 8: Enjoy your new tier status!

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