What if a raise fails, do I get a refund?

How to get a refund after a failed raise.

If a project fails, then you will be able to claim back your raise token for more or less tokens than swapped originally. This is because you are redeeming for the average swap value, not the value you originally swapped at.

For example you bought 1000 rtkn at $0.05 ($50) but the average rtkn was $0.04 ($40), you will be refunded the average amount with a potential loss of $10. Alternatively you would make a profit of $5 if 1000 rtkn was bought at 0.035 and average token price was 0.04.

This protects everyone in the case that the raised reserve is too low for the project owner to execute their roadmap and on the other hand incentivises token purchases when the price is lower than average, if a raise is close to failing, thus making it more likely to succeed.

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